Our passion is to help people realize that we truly were created for more and to provide a pathway towards experiencing and living in that reality.

Participants in our coaching, training and consultancy sessions will come away with a deeper understanding of their skill-sets, gifting, talents, personality and behavioral styles and ultimately their identity and passions. By focusing on five strategic areas in our lives, you will experience dynamic breakthrough that will release newfound joy and freedom as you come to understand your created purpose. In addition, you will learn how you can make a positive impact in your relationships, your community and the places in your life where you have influence.

Our philosophy encourages converting our core beliefs to authentic and sustainable actions and living so that destructive and harmful prejudices and biases around us can be refuted.

Teaching, training and coaching all focus on the following five strategic areas:

All participants are coached to create your own set of Core Values that you are willing to live by and fight for, regarding all five of these life areas.

Phil’s heart is that through unique and personalized training, each individual would come to discover his or her “voice”. In other words, it is our hope and dream that your life becomes a fully integrated expression of who you were created to be.