Understanding the critical importance of intellectual stimulation and vibrancy and the direct impact our mental health (and lack thereof) has on every other area of our life.

Focus: Developing the Three Main Components of
Mental Intelligence
  1. Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education
  2. Cultivation of self awareness (making assumptions explicit)
  3. Learning by teaching and doing/li>
“If you think education is expensive try ignorance”!

What is the impact on the heart, on relationships, when we neglect the mind and its constant development? We are governed more and more by ignorance, by prejudice, by stereotyping and labeling. It can lead to very provincial thinking, even narcissism and paranoia; our whole view of life becomes myopic, narrow and self focused.

What is the impact on the spirit when we stop learning? The conscience first becomes numbed, then dulled and finally silenced, because it constantly tells us to learn and grow. We lose a sense of vision in life and the struggle to find our voice, both of which are primary source of our passion in life. We find the wisdom literature boring and uninspiring and even irrelevant.