Creating a personal plan for long-term breakthrough in the area physical health and wellness.

Focus: Developing the Three Main Components of
Physical Intelligence

  1. Wise nutrition
  2. Consistent balanced exercise
  3. Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventative thinking/li>
Consider what happens to the other dimensions when the body is neglected. We can lose our health also risk losing our mental focus, our creativity, our endurance, our toughness, our courage, our learning capacity and our retention. When we exercise, rest and eat properly, we retain our mental focus and toughness as well as encourage our thirst for learning.

What happens to our emotional intelligence and to our heart when we neglect our bodies, when we become a function of appetites and passions? Our patience, love, understanding, empathy, the ability to listen and compassion become subordinated. They become buzz words without flesh and blood to drive them.