Learning to hear God’s voice with greater clarity and how to practice certain spiritual disciplines.

Focus: Developing the Three Main Components of
Spiritual Intelligence

  1. Integrity - Being true to one’s highest values and conscience
  2. Meaning - A sense of contribution to people and causes
  3. Voice - Aligning one’s work with one’s unique calling and gifts
Consider what happens to the body when our conscience and our integrity are violated? You can usually see it the countenance of people, in their eyes. Usually they neglect their bodies and they often are burned out if they’re not already worn out. Their minds are usually full of rationalization, which usually means telling oneself rational lies. They feel guilty, which is a very healthy emotion when there is a genuine violation of integrity and conscience. They lack peace. They have impaired judgment.

What happens to the heart? Those same people lose control over their emotions, their ability to understand others, to empathize with others. Their ability to have compassion and love for others is significantly diminished.